A flexible way to access your pension

Income drawdown lets you take income directly from the pension fund

Rather than buying an annuity, an individual can elect to leave their pension fund or funds invested in an arrangement known as ‘income drawdown’.

The need for flexibility in retirement has never been greater.

Find out if you are eligible

Call our specialist pension drawdown adviser team on 0800 180 4002 or use our Income Drawdown calculator on the right.

Getting Advice – How we can help

  • Help you consider the level of income carefully using phased pension drawdown and/or phased flexible drawdown where relevant.
  • Help you consider any tax implications
  • Help you move your fund into drawdown
  • Help you select the investments

How we can help you decide
Taking income from an Income Drawdown plan is extremely flexible, in that you can decide the level of income you require (between nil and the maximum) and you can adjust the level of income at anytime.